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Massacre romance at a church

The last confess

The American president always visited the church every Sunday evening to confess his sins. He regularly met the priest in the confessional. After confessing the sins, in able to purify himself, the president and priest made love in the confessional and while doing it, the president said ten prayers to lord. This president led a hotel chain business, had been rich since birth, showed himself to be a racist, humiliated women, had cheated on his wife and said that soldiers who got caught by their enemies, been tortured and spent many years in prison weren´t really heroes, well, he won the presidential elections anyway. On his last confession, in the confessional, he was masturbating, he said: “Well, I scored with another miss, from Venezuela, I paid her 1 000 bucks for the job, and I sold more weapons to Turkey so they can distribute them to IS, and I sent some stupid Iranian children back to Iran and kept their parents in prisons, oh, and I hit an old woman while driving, but I guess she survived… all the bad deeds,…” he looked at the gridded window, behind which the priest usually sat, but no answer. “Father, are you…” But at that moment a black beast, with red eyes, sharp long claws, pointy fangs and devil horns, jumped on him, tore him apart and ate him. Only blood and flesh remained. Nobody could identify the victim, the president was reported missing, and the priest stayed quiet and looked forward to the new president.

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