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The wee story

The longest piss ever

The word wee has two meanings – either very small, or very short, common use in Scotland, or it means to urinate. Well, this story is about urinating. Do you know what is worse than to be flooded by water? To be flooded by urine. Can it be possible? Yes, it can. There was once a guy called Uri. He needed to go to have a piss so badly, he ran as fast as he could, but made it on time. What a relief, he calmed himself again. But somehow he was peeing too long, he got nervous. The toilet was getting overfilled, he had to flush. But the peeing didn´t stop, after several times flushing he broke the lever and couldn´t flush any more. He didn´t know what to do. The restroom got flooded with his urine and it got through the building, other people noticed it. They called the police, ambulance, firemen, all came. “It doesn´t stop!” he panicked. They took him away to an empty pool, which was being filled with urine. If they hadn´t solved this problem, the world would´ve been flooded by his urine. So they thought of killing him. But they discovered great substances in his urine, that had recovery effect, beneficial for a human body. So they made pills, creams, drinks which kept you healthy and young, and it also cured cancer and many other dangerous illnesses, and prolonged youth and life. But they kept the content of these meds secret. Uri´s peeing lasted his whole life. Nobody knew anything about him.

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