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Bus ticket Inspectors

Beware inspectors, rather pass the bus no. 13

A group of passengers always met on a bus no. 13. You could´ve experienced a very pleasant atmosphere, they sang, danced and had fun. Not like other buses where passengers remained quite, being grumpy and minded their own business. Another thing the passengers on Bus no. 13 had in common – they never paid for the ride. Once two strangers dressed in black got on the bus and that interrupted the entertainment, everybody froze, staring at them and suddenly they took out a badge and a gun and shouted: “Ticket inspectors! Show us your tickets!” The passengers panicked, started screaming. The inspectors punched them and held them against the wall. Billy, an adult with a brain of 5 year old but a body of heavy weight boxer, sat crooked, scared, sucking his thumb and thought Mum, please help me! He saw nne inspector about to rape Rosely, who was Billy´s platonic love. He got furious stood up, and yelled “Your´re not gonna hurt my Rosely!” he grabbed the inspector by his neck and with his mighty arms he threw him out of the window of the bus. The rest of the passengers on that account rose up and started hitting, kicking the other inspector and threw him out of the door. Everybody cheered for victory and continued singing and dancing. And Billy got a lovely kiss from Rosely.

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