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Honza and the kite

Honza discovers a new world with his kite

10 year old Honza was flying a kite. The wind blew so strong that it lift the kite and the boy, and the kite fly so high and, with the boy screaming and hanging to it, that Honza didn’t manage to let go in time. The Kite flew in the direction of the wind dragging Honza behind. This way he flew over a big part of the world till he landed on an undiscovered island, with many fairytale figures like mermaids, elves, dwarves, etc. He saw beautiful big butterflies, birds, he found the nature lovely and fascinating. One dwarf took him to the king, who was a troll, but a nice one, he spoke to him: “Dear friend, we waited for you, you’re here to save us, my daughter, the princess is sad, can you make her happy?” Honza just took a flower and gave it to the princess, that made her happy. “You saved us, you’re our blessing, you can have anything from this island!” Well, Honza found a hill of gold and diamonds. “Yes, you can keep that, it’s no worth, you can’t eat it anyway.” Honza told him he would come back with a boat, to bring the gold home. He flew with his kite back home. His mother was angry: “Where have you been the whole year? As for punishment, you have home prison for a week!” Honza told her about the island. “Do you think I’ll eat that kind of nonsense? Another week for that!” Honza got upset, and had to wait till he grew up, earned some money, buy his own boat, then go for the gold.

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