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Story of evil beauty

Beautiful from the inside, evil from the inside

Once lived a queen widow, her beauty had been spoken among people over the whole country. She offered her hand to the one who would bring this rose, that stood on the top of a high rock, that reached the sky, and it covered the whole mountain with its deadly big spiky thick thrones. Most of the men would die for her and tried to conquer the rock, but failed and didn´t survive the cuts and punctures of the rose´s deadly thrones. The queen enjoyed watching the victims suffering for her. She knew nobody could fulfil this task. Jonathan didn´t like the queen´s manners. He, like others, climbed the rock, but didn´t really want to marry the queen but somehow punish her. This time the mountain the rose let him pass with no obstacles. And yet he gained the rose and brought it to the queen. The queen was disappointed. She didn´t really want to marry anyone. “You can be calm, my queen, keep the rose, I have no need to marry you,” Jonathan gave her the rose and left. The queen kept the rose in a vase and while sleeping at deep night the rose´s throne grew rapidly and covered the whole castle. The queen got scared and hardly got out of the castle, she had cut herself and significantly damaged her face, and lost her beauty entirely. She escaped to a village where nobody could recognize her. She pitied the bad things she had done and become a heartful lady. She helped the poor, the weak, the hungry and the sick. A gentle man found her kindness lovely. He married her despite her very damaged face and lived in harmony ever after.

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