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The Cancibal Monster

Halloween specialty

Norman came home with new flesh of a corpse that was delivered to his job at the crematorium, where he burnt the corpses. He brought a leg of a corpse for his father (age 81). His dad needed to eat human flesh, otherwise he would change into a beast and kill other people and eat them. Norman hated this. That was why he worked at crematorium so he had access to human meat. After serving his dad the leg, he complained: “This meat is old and thick, yucky, I want young, young meat, you hear me?!” Norman hardly got a young corpse. He hated his life, but he had to do it to spare lives. On Halloween he came to work and his boss, the owner, told him: “Hi Norm, sorry to say this, but we have to close down the crematorium, the business collapsed, people rather save their money and burn the corpses themselves, so you have to find a new job!” Norman got really uptight, he knew what would come up – his dad wouldn´t get human flesh, he´d turn into a beast and kill many innocent people! So he came home, and there his dad stood already transformed into a beast: “Dad, NO, it´s me….” But his dad killed and ate him and ran into the streets and killed many more till a special squad stopped. But instead of eliminating him they set him free in North Korea where he freely hunted the locals.

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